About Us

Welcome to the Oceanic Maritime LLC

The complexities and dynamics of international trade require the utmost attention to detail. At the Oceanic Maritime LLC, our combined knowledge and expertise can often mean the difference between a smooth transaction and a complex transaction. We help you determine the most efficient transportation options and will advise on carrier types, shipping routes, proper classification and duty rates, and all aspects of global trade. The Oceanic Maritime LLC is your complete logistics provider.

Our people are our greatest asset

Our dedicated, innovative staff knows the needs of each and every customer & Customer satisfaction are our top priority. We offer 24/7 availability, unparalleled experience, and custom made solutions combined with friendly, knowledgeable service.

Why Oceanic Maritime LLC?

When you select Oceanic Maritime LLC you can rest assured that no problem will be too big to handle. As the only logistics provider, you can get all of your logistics solutions in one place, taking advantage of our leverage and synergies to keep your supply chain humming at top efficiency. Complete Solutions - Oceanic Maritime LLC offers every service you could need when dealing in global markets. Customize your supply chain - Every company has different needs and priorities when it comes to international shipments. At Oceanic Maritime LLC we work with every client individually to design innovative solutions that can head off problems before they arise.